Jiten Dajee

Jiten Dajee is a leader in Deloitte’s Digital Reality (DxR) practice, specializing in Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality technologies. He covers a broad spectrum of research, from advancements in computer graphics to future networks, and how these technology trends are converging to enable DxR for businesses and consumers. He leads projects for strategic planning for technology adoption, technology delivery for software solutions, and research on evolving trends for DxR.

Jiten joined Deloitte Consulting Innovation in 2015 to lead in the rapid commercialization of 3D computing, bringing in experience and relationships from years spent in the startup world where he built AR solutions and ventures. He helps clients understand how their businesses will change with the proliferation of immersive computing, and how the human experience for customers will evolve with a ubiquitous Digital Reality. Jiten is also highly involved in research and mentorship at universities across the U.S.