BOA Home Kate Shortman & Isabelle Thorpe Artistic swimming is not as well-known as other aquatic disciplines and therefore has to work harder to get recognition, both in terms of coverage but also from a financial perspective. Yet, Kate and Izzy are like sisters. Passionate and dedicated, they have swum together for most of their adolescent years. They have received so much support from the family-like community within the sport. But out in the pool, they only have each other. At just 18 years old Kate and Izzy are the rising stars within the sport and Team GB hopefuls for Tokyo 2020. Community Kate and Izzy are so in sync they complete each other’s sentences. In the sport of artistic swimming, being so well connected is a huge help. But they haven’t come on this journey alone. As a less recognised sport, a strong support system is vital to their success. The support of coaches, sponsors, and sporting bodies, Bristol’s grassroots swimming clubs and the thousands of social media fans, have been instrumental for these two. And of course their families. Their mothers happen to be artistic swimmers who narrowly missed out on their Olympic journey. But for this new generation, technology is helping to change their story.
Loneliness and isolation are issues that can affect us all – and top-level athletes are no different. Pursuing your Olympic dream means competing around the globe, stepping away from your routine, hometown and support network. The endless conveyor belt of travel and hotel rooms can be a draining, detaching experience – especially when you need to be at your best. Yet, with the right technology and support, friends, family, teammates and colleagues can be just a click away. Whether talking to fans on social media or connecting with loved ones, social platforms play a huge role in their lives, Because they can connect with their support network, wherever they are in the world. Today, technology has a more emotional application to support physical performance.
Immersive Technology In 2012, Team GB performed brilliantly on home turf. In Rio, our athletes had fantastic results, but also faced surprises and distractions as a result of the unfamiliar and high-pressured environment. How can we soften Team GB’s landing on the ground in Tokyo, expected to give the performance of a lifetime, in abnormal surroundings, and in truly unusual circumstances?
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Athletes Follow our Olympic hopefuls, super heavyweight boxer Frazer Clarke, artistic swimming duo Kate Shortman and Izzy Thorpe, golfer Bronte Law and all-round gymnast Dominic Cunningham, as they prepare for the greatest showdown of their careers. Projects The Summer Olympics may come around every four years, but the British Olympic Association has been preparing for Tokyo since before it was announced as the host city. Find out how we make a difference, from what makes an Olympian to what powers Team GB. Not just the tales of gold, silver and bronze but the real, behind-the-scenes stories.