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Board of Partners

The Board of Partners is responsible for the promotion and protection of partner interests and for the oversight of management. It approves Deloitte’s long-term strategies and has specific oversight of risk.  The Board is composed of the Chairman, the Senior Partner, both of whom are elected by the partners, a further eleven elected partners, three Executive Group partners proposed by the Senior Partner and affirmed by the partners and three Independent Non Executives.

Like the Senior Partner, the Chairman is nominated by the Board and elected by the partners and serves for a four year term of office. Nick Owen was elected to the office of Chairman for a four year period commencing 1 June 2015. The separation of the roles of the Chairman and Senior Partner provides a strong measure of accountability for the Executive Team.

Deloitte’s Partnership Agreement stipulates that the eleven elected board members, in addition to the Chairman, must not be members of the Executive Group. As a result three quarters of the Board membership is independent of the Executive Group.

The current Board comprises of:

Nick Owen

David Sproul
Senior Partner and Chief Executive

Elected members

Pauline Biddle

Appointed members

Stephen Griggs

Independent Non-Executives

Sir Gerry Grimstone 


Caryl Longley 

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