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Brexit deal analysis 

What does the Trade Agreement say?

The Free Trade Agreement establishes a mechanism that will allow the UK to participate in Union Programmes, for the appropriate fees. This mechanism will govern the UK’s relationship with programmes such as Euratom Research and Training, Horizon and Copernicus.

While much of the detail is yet to be set out it does, for example, say that as a condition for this both sides should be “making every effort, within the framework of its domestic laws, to facilitate the entry and residence of persons involved in the implementation of these programmes and activities, or parts thereof, including students, researchers, trainees or volunteers.”

How does this compare to what was expected?

Details of the UK’s exact level of participation are to be clarified in a protocol to the main agreement, as this UK government explainer makes clear.

“The additional detail on the individual programmes the UK is intending to participate in - Horizon Europe, Euratom Research and Training, and Copernicus - will be included in a protocol to the main Agreement, once the regulations establishing the programmes are settled, a draft of which has been published alongside the main Agreement.”

This is because the negotiations over the EU’s next multi-annual budget, which will govern the overall operation of these programmes, is yet to be finalised. Until this protocol is published it will be hard to establish the exact level of UK participation in Union Programmes. The UK has stated it no longer intends to be part of Erasmus, though it will be replaced by a domestic UK scheme, known as the Turing Scheme.

What are the actions for business?

Monitor for the release of the protocol if you believe your business is reliant on participation in a Union Programme.

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