We’ve been partners with the British Olympic Association for over a decade and honoured to be part of the team which has delivered some of the largest transformations in the organisation’s history. Together we’ve seen significant changes, not just to Team GB’s performance in the medal table, but to the organisation as a whole, through leadership, integrated planning, technology adoption and exploring pioneering concepts. We’re proud of the role we’ve played in supporting the BOA to be the strong, independent voice of Olympic sport in the UK, as well as a business that can effectively adapt and succeed in the ever-changing sporting landscape, both domestically and internationally.
Performance lodge The Performance Lodge is an integral part of Team GB’s Games Programme, which helps map the path for athletes to achieve glory on the field-of-play. It is a cornerstone of the Team GB programme providing the athletes with a bespoke high performance centre mirroring familiar training environments once they arrive in Tokyo to help them acclimatise in the Games environment. However, the very nature of the Performance Lodge means this needs to be meticulously planned, in advance, from outside the host nation. This is where the Deloitte Japanese Service Group helps companies navigate the various cultural and linguistic challenges encountered when expanding and operating, both in and outside of Japan. They provided the BOA with language and cultural assistance to help navigate critical Japanese business relations – and enable the delivery of the Crown Jewel in Team GB’s Games Footprint.
Sustainability As part of the journey to the Tokyo Games, the BOA identified the opportunity to leverage its position as a leading sporting body to help influence and define the benchmark for sustainable sport. Working collaboratively, we explored which sustainability themes resonate most strongly with the BOA, its stakeholders and its leadership – engaging a wide range of parties from in and outside the organisation to understand their priorities and how they felt sustainability should be integrated within BOA’s ethos, whilst maintaining their focus on sporting success. Through a series of workshops the BOA agreed the focus areas, aligned United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets to drive sustainability across Leadership, People, Environment, Suppliers and Partners. Together, we’ve designed a roadmap for the BOA which includes immediate actions ahead of the Tokyo Games to help set the right foundations for the longer-term 2030 sustainability vision.
Blockchain The British Olympic Association is an organisation built for performance on the world stage, yet the competition for fan attention and engagement has never been fiercer. Against this backdrop, the BOA sought to explore opportunities to enable a better, more sustainable engagement model for Team GB fans. Assembling a team of cross-functional experts across Deloitte, we ran a series of sessions to help build an innovative mindset within the BOA while also defining technical feasibility, commercial viability and expected demand of a Team GB fan engagement proposition. At the end of the project, the BOA had a clear vision and concept to tackle their fan engagement challenges: The Team GB Coin, a Blockchain-enabled platform where fans generate rewards for engaging with Team GB by consuming content, attending events and purchasing merchandise. This is just one of the ways we’ve supported Team GB, helping them explore future technology applications and how they support BOA’s ambition to create an insight-led business with a focus on fan and stakeholder engagement. Digital strategy The Olympic Games showcases the best of athletic achievement, inspiring future generations to emulate the stars of today. Digital platforms are more important than ever in nurturing this enthusiasm, providing fans year-round access to athletes and taking them behind-the-scenes in training to their preparations for Games. Recognising their digital offering needed to reflect the best-in-class performance of Team GB, the BOA asked Deloitte to define a strategy to harness the power of the Team GB brand, bring fans closer to the action and develop a more compelling commercial proposition Delivered as a roadmap with actionable initiatives including; narratives, channel management, content processes and relationships, we have helped Team GB to create long term connections with over 2.8 million fans, operate six social media channels, and generate invaluable funds for athletes and the BOA.
Athletes Follow our Olympic hopefuls, super heavyweight boxer Frazer Clarke, artistic swimming duo Kate Shortman and Izzy Thorpe, golfer Bronte Law and all-round gymnast Dominic Cunningham, as they prepare for the greatest showdown of their careers. Projects The Summer Olympics may come around every four years, but the British Olympic Association has been preparing for Tokyo since before it was announced as the host city. Find out how we make a difference, from what makes an Olympian to what powers Team GB. Not just the tales of gold, silver and bronze but the real, behind-the-scenes stories.