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Creating an environment for Team GB to make history

Sweating the little things

Whilst the world witnessed Team GB’s incredible dominance in the stadiums of Rio 2016, this success only highlights part of the journey. Deloitte work closely with a core team of over 50 British Olympic Association (BOA) staff to manage the delivery of a highly sophisticated Games Programme, which maps a smooth path for every single Team GB athlete to achieve glory on the field-of-play.

As Deloitte and the BOA planned for PyeongChang 2018, and now look to Tokyo 2020, Beijing 2022 and beyond, invaluable knowledge and experience accumulated from two previous Games cycles helps understand the unique requirements to deliver seamless elite performances in new environments.

Ranging from advising on cultural and environmental challenges, to overseeing the organisation design and governance of the Games Programme, the levels of preparation position the BOA as one of the most innovative and successful National Olympic Committees in the world.

The incredible dedication and commitment needed to win extends beyond the athletes to the support staff as well. They’re the ones who are pulling out all the stops to ensure we send the best-prepared, best-informed and best-supported teams to the Games. Through aiding preparation and success, Deloitte has been fundamental to achieving that winning edge long before the Games even begin.

- Mark England, Chef de Mission, Rio 2016

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