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Deloitte Access

Deloitte Access is an education programme delivered in collaboration with Teach First and is designed to raise aspiration, support achievement and provide opportunities for students in low-income communities.

Through our One Million Futures programme, we will continue to build on the success of Deloitte Access, our education programme. Delivered in collaboration with Teach First, Deloitte Access aims to improve social mobility and support a fairer society by giving young people from under-represented groups the ambition, skills and opportunities they need to access professional careers at companies like Deloitte.

We believe that supporting young people from all backgrounds to develop the skills they need to get a job, and to succeed in the workplace, is crucial to the development of a fairer society. Our experience as recruiters and in serving our clients tells us that to be successful in professional careers young people need to develop their:

  • Cultural capital and understanding of societal issues
  • Understanding of innovation and how to run a business
  • Ability to work in and to lead teams
  • Employability skills including CV writing, interviewing, and presentation skills

These skills are developed in workshops delivered by professional volunteers and the programme is supported by Deloitte’s accessible approach to recruitment via such programmes as Deloitte Scholars and BrightStart. Deloitte Access will use the firm’s people to support more than 10,000 students in Teach First schools over the next five years.

Through interaction with professional volunteers and mentors, the aspirations of participating pupils are challenged and raised.

In addition to the bespoke package of support we have developed for each of our partner schools, as part of Deloitte Access we are also:

  • Sponsoring students to participate in Teach First’s award-winning Futures programme, as well as providing Deloitte mentors to work with each of these students. Futures pairs talented A Level students from low-income backgrounds with a mentor, whilst giving them the opportunity to participate in university visits including a residential Easter School at the University of Cambridge.
  • Working with Teach First to develop a new ‘Access to Employment’ element to the Futures programme. Designed to support students to aspire to and successfully access competitive careers, Access to Employment will form part of the Futures initiative across all participating Teach First schools, reaching over 800 students across the country each year.

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Our impact

Last year:

  • 1,616 Access Volunteers delivered 6,258 hours of support reaching 4,441 pupils
  • 160 mentors offered one-to-one professional skills development, broadening pupils' insights into the world of work and raising aspirations beyond school
  • 71% of students who took part in the programme strongly agreed that ‘I know how to find out about careers and job opportunists’
  • ‘I can’t begin to describe the difference on our pupils. It has been totally transformational.' Debbie Gockelen, teacher at Milton Keynes Academy

Learn more about our impact in the Deloitte Access Year 3 Evaluation Report by TeachFirst

“I cannot stress how exciting this partnership is for us. I've been involved in many school business partnerships in the past but I really feel that this one has the potential to blow them all out of the water!”
Stephen Curran, Headteacher, Tong High School (Deloitte Access Partner School)

“My mentor could relate to everything I had going on in my life and I couldn’t hope for a better experience.”
Parliament Hill student paired with Deloitte Business Mentor

“It’s something different than what you do in school, like in school its classes, normally the same stuff all the time, but with this, it gives you the chance to look in the real world basically. Like, what’s outside, what work we’ll have to do when we’re older.”

Student from Holly Lodge Girls’ College, Liverpool

Case study

TMT Predictions Student Challenge: Developing enterprise and leadership skills

A key challenge for organisations in the Tech, Media & Telco industries is how they should develop the next generation of young people, with the appropriate skills and interest, to work in the sector.

We invited sixth form students from three Deloitte Access schools into our offices to present their responses to these challenges.

Deloitte volunteer coaches supported the students to develop their ideas and hone their presentation skills before the students pitched their idea to a panel of clients.

See more in this video.

Case Study

Social mobility through Access

Deloitte volunteers worked with 1,000 students at St. Mary Magdalene Academy in London to develop the skills they need to access higher education and succeed in the workplace.

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