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Deloitte Executive and Board Programmes

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As a leader you continually face pressures – shifting circumstances, difficult decisions and every now and then, the totally unexpected.

Your business, teams and stakeholders increasingly turn to you – but who can you turn to? You can rely on experience, instinct, confidence and conviction to guide you, but what do you really need to know right now? How are other business leaders dealing with similar issues? How will you make a difference?

Deloitte Executive and Board Programmes have been developed to help business leaders continue to learn, grow and have impact. Whether you’re an aspiring executive or a seasoned board member, you can access tailored support at crucial points throughout your career. So whether it’s formal training, informal advice from experienced peers or a quiet space to think, we are here when you need us.

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The Executive and Board Programmes are available for FTSE 350, large international, equivalent private companies and government organisations. Discover more about some of our Programmes:

Next Generation Programmes

Support and insights for successful leadership

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Transition Labs

Our Labs offer tailored support for successful transitions

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The Deloitte Academy Board Programme

The Academy that prepares you for boardroom and leadership success

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Deloitte Greenhouse

Challenging convention, generating ideas and developing solutions

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Business Chemistry

Using data to improve the art of relationships

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The Deloitte Academy Diversity on Boards Programmes

Insights and networking for aspiring Non-Executive Directors

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