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Applications for our new society partnerships programme have now closed. Organisations that have had their submission(s) confirmed will be contacted towards the end of March.

The FAQs can still be referred to for any further information on the process or timescales.

Please refer to the corresponding terms and conditions as necessary: charity partner terms and conditions and social business terms and conditions.

Thank you for your interest in our programme.


Please see below for examples of work we have delivered with our programme partners

Dementia Today and Tomorrow for Alzheimer's Society

The five year National Dementia Strategy was coming to an end in 2014. The Society wanted to work with our Centre for Health Solutions to determine how to maintain and drive improvements and make dementia care fit for the 21st century.

Strategy development for Alzheimer's Society

The Society is due to complete its first five year strategy in March 2016. A team from Monitor Deloitte were engaged with the Society to support the articulation of the 2017-2022 strategy

A review of digital opportunities for Alzheimer's Society

The purpose of this project has been to identify digital opportunities: firstly within content management and publication; and within operational efficiency

Workplace Wellbeing for Mind

Mind engaged with Deloitte around their Workplace Wellbeing offer, which consists of services to help corporates maintain good standards of mental wellbeing and identify and support those in need of greater mental health support.

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