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Reducing the impact of our operations and services on the environment

We have long strived to reduce the impact of our operations and services on the environment. In 2008 we established our Environmental Management System and in 2011 started out on Our Green Journey, our 10-year strategy to decouple business growth from our environmental impacts. We have set ourselves stretching environmental targets which we aim to meet by 2021.

Carbon Emissions

Energy and Water

Waste Paper


Business travel is integral to delivering a world-class service to our clients and as a result, this remains the largest segment of our carbon footprint. We are continuing to invest in video-conferencing, and other online collaboration tools and this has helped us begin to decouple business growth and business travel. Our travel emissions have grown in recent years as we continue to grow our global presence; however we have offset all our FY19 air travel emissions at a Global level, and are actively addressing business travel in FY20, with a view to agreeing new targets which align with a 1.5°C climate scenario.


We drive continual improvement in our environmental performance through our ISO14001-certified environmental management system. Within this, our Environment and Energy Policy sets out our commitments to minimising our environmental impact.

We also challenge our suppliers to support our sustainability agenda in line with our Sustainable Procurement Policy. For a detailed review of our environmental objectives, targets and performance to date, see Deloitte Impact.

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