Integrity and ethical behaviour are central to maintaining our reputation and are absolutely critical to the success of our firm.

Our values are embedded in every aspect of the firm and this helps to ensure that we offer a distinctive experience to our clients; it helps determine our strategy; it guides how we manage our own business and how we shape and respond to our wider impact in the world.

We recognise that ethical issues in business can be complicated by the complexity of economic, social and political environments and the global and culturally diverse nature of our work.

Our values are fundamental to overcoming these challenges and they apply individually to each one of our people in the same way as they do throughout our firm.

Our ethics programme draws on our consultative tradition and delivers key messages around making the right choices with a focus on open discussion, support and encouragement.

Deloitte’s approach to ethics recognises the individual, the firm and supports people in making decisions they can be proud of.

We want to ensure that every individual feels empowered to do the right thing – to build his or her own personal brand, to feel confident to consult and to make the right choice at all times.

By engaging with our Ethics Code, we hope that you will gain an understanding of the foundation of our business and how our values drive our ways of working.

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