Temporary entry and stay for business purposes

Brexit deal analysis 

What does the Trade Agreement say?

  • Both sides have undertaken commitments with respect to:

    • Business visitors for establishment purposes
    • Contractual service suppliers
    • Independent professionals
    • Intra-corporate transferees
    • Short-term business visitors (STBVs)
  • These commitments include abolishing quotas and economic needs tests to ensure visitors are not barred from performing cross-border services. 
  • STBVs will not require a work permit provided their stay does not exceed 90 days in any six-month period and they are limiting work to permitted activities:
    • Business visitors will be permitted to attend meetings, negotiate contracts, carry out repairs and maintenance pursuant to a warranty, etc.
    • Other activity, however, such as making direct sales to the general public are not covered and here work permits may still be required. 
  • The permissible length of stay for intra-corporate transferees is a period of up to three years for managers/specialists and one year for trainee employees.

How does this compare to what was expected?

The agreement is broadly in line with what was expected, though the UK has secured a more generous permitted stay when it comes to STBVs. The EU limited manager/specialists to a three-year, rather than the UK’s ask of a five-year stay.

What are the actions for business?

  • Businesses should continue to take advice to ensure, even in cases where work permits are not required, other immigration formalities are adhered to.
  • Although the agreement entitles business travellers to engage in a broad range of activities, businesses should ensure they understand what work falls outside the scope of the agreement and the additional immigration formalities which arise where this is the case.
  • They should continue to track the number of days employees spend working cross border.
  • They should continue to review the social security, payroll and employment tax obligations which may apply even where work visas are not required.

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