BOA Home Immersive Technology Every Olympic Games brings new opportunities and challenges and the BOA is always looking for innovative ways to prepare the athletes and support Team GB’s performance. With many athletes experiencing the unfamiliar and high-pressure environment of the Summer Olympic Games for the first time. How can you soften the landing of Team GB in Tokyo, where unfamiliar surroundings and so many new demands for their attention all add to the hope to deliver the performance of a lifetime? Delivering a connected Team GB Team GB is a diverse delegation of athletes, doctors, sport managers, media officers, logistics coordinators and more. This, alongside the cultural and logistical differences of Tokyo, led the BOA to question how they bring the Olympic Games environment to Team GB individuals unable to experience it first-hand? We recognised the delegation is a community of individuals who hold vast knowledge and experience, with their own needs and preferences. So, drawing on the BOA’s years of experience, we looked at the team’s emotions and moments that mattered most during the lead-up and the Games themselves. Together, we determined the best way to generate an understanding of the Olympic environment was to develop a platform that allowed people to capture and share information easily within their communities. After all, the Olympics is a shared experience, so the easier it is to create and share content, the more immersive the experience, using Workplace from Facebook. Using our dedicated Workplace alliance with Facebook, we were able to combine the human-centric design of Workplace, with the business know-how of Deloitte; to deliver a complete, scalable solution that has helped Team GB connect and collaborate ahead of the Tokyo Games. By helping Team GB to connect, we’re able to improve their ability to share information, develop camaraderie and create two-way communication in a way that wasn’t possible before – offering the creative scope to collaborate wherever they happen to be.
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Athletes Follow our Olympic hopefuls, super heavyweight boxer Frazer Clarke, artistic swimming duo Kate Shortman and Izzy Thorpe, golfer Bronte Law and all-round gymnast Dominic Cunningham, as they prepare for the greatest showdown of their careers. Projects The Summer Olympics may come around every four years, but the British Olympic Association has been preparing for Tokyo since before it was announced as the host city. Find out how we make a difference, from what makes an Olympian to what powers Team GB. Not just the tales of gold, silver and bronze but the real, behind-the-scenes stories.