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Impact Report 2016

This report covers the impact of Deloitte UK during the period 1 June 2015 to 31 May 2016.


In October 2012, we produced our first Deloitte UK Impact Report outlining performance against our targets during the year to 31 May 2012. Now in its fifth year, the Deloitte Impact Report outlines how we have continued to progress as a responsible business with our online report providing more detail and background on our performance, as well as covering a range of other issues of concern to our key stakeholders. This year’s Impact Report focuses on the contribution Deloitte makes in three areas:

  • Providing trust
  • Supporting inclusive growth
  • Building skills

For details of our financial statements and Transparency Report, please click here.

To find out more about our materiality and stakeholder engagement processes, basis of reporting and our standards and assurance processes, please follow the relevant links.

Assurance 2016

Across the report our total community contribution and selected environmental performance information are externally assured, alongside our financial results. Other measures go through an internal assertion testing process by our Sustainability Services Team.

BDO LLP provides:

  • Independent limited assurance in respect of selected environmental performance information contained in the Deloitte LLP Impact Report. BDO’s Independent Assurance Statement is available here together with Deloitte’s Basis for Reporting for the reporting period 1 June 2015 to 31 May 2016. We are acting upon BDO’s recommendations and the lessons learned are helping us to inform our future work.
  • The financial performance information contained within this report is based on the financial statement audited by BDO LLP.

Our Community performance figures are calculated using the London Benchmarking Group model.

Our Sustainability Services Team has performed a limited review on this report, tracing a sample of statements and figures back to the firm’s source data. This work does not constitute a complete review nor provide any assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of the reported information.

Materiality and stakeholder engagement

Our impact is shaped by the relationships we have with our stakeholders, including our people, our clients, charities and NGOs, local communities, industry groups and trade bodies, as well as governments and regulatory bodies.

We continue to engage closely with our key stakeholder groups in a variety of ways, some formal and some informal, with significant new initiatives this year including improved investor dialogue through our NEDs, providing a secondee to the CBI to contribute to their Great Business Debate team and sharing our expertise on issues such as social mobility and the future of work by contributing to government policy consultations and select committee inquiries, as well as roundtable discussions at No.10. Our Chairman is currently the chair of the Professional and Business Services Council, constituted of senior members and Government and industry to provide input into the Government’s industrial strategy.

These sit alongside our established stakeholder engagement channels such as client service assessments, CFO surveys and people surveys, hosting events and debates on topical issues, participating in advisory and advocacy groups and our annual Deloitte Stakeholder Forum.

Each of these interactions helps us to maintain strong and open relationships with our key stakeholders and to ensure we retain an absolute focus on issues that are material to those individuals and groups, achieving a greater impact in everything we do.

Defining materiality, completeness and responsiveness

Materiality in this report refers to issues, concerns and impacts of importance to our key stakeholders. Disclosing material information ensures stakeholders can make informed judgements, decisions and actions about our sustainable performance and our ability to create value for our people, our clients and society.

A summary of sample topics and key themes arising is included here. We have used the core themes arising from our stakeholder engagement to identify three focus areas which form the structure of our Impact Report:

  • Providing trust 
  • Supporting inclusive growth 
  • Building skills
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