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Impact Report 2015 

Making an impact that matters

Our purpose as a firm is to make an impact that matters: for our clients, our people and society. We do this by providing trust and confidence in the capital markets, supporting the growth and competitiveness of UK plc and building the skills of future leaders.


Our fourth annual Impact Report sets to tell the stories of our impact during FY15. On our dedicated microsite you can read about our impact on our clients, our people and society in one of almost fifty case studies.


Six key facts - Deloitte Impact 2015 

In FY15 we:

1. Signed over 16,000 external audits
2. Helped clients prepare and file over 21,000 tax returns
3. Invested £28.5m in learning and development for our people
4. Won awards for Time Out and our Deloitte Military Transition and Talent Programmes
5. Provided charities and social enterprises with over 13,000 hours of pro bono services
6. Contributed £1 in every £1,000 to UK GDP

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Key themes

Providing trust

Maintaining trust and confidence in the capital markets, their institutions and in our public sector are all fundamental to a strong and stable economy and society. The work of our auditors ensures transparent and accurate financial reporting that helps foster confidence in the capital markets and encourages investment. Such transparency is also demanded by the public in the way companies report their tax.

We help businesses and individuals interpret the largest and most complex tax code in the world and pay the tax on which our country depends.
Part of building trust in business also involves working with key public sector institutions to help address the complex issues and the needs of our country. Our work has spanned health and social care as well as the education sector.

Supporting growth 

We encourage investment in the UK, supporting companies in their domestic and international growth ambitions and in turn contributing to our country’s economic prosperity. There are many examples of how our work has had an impact this year, including advising the first new UK high street bank in over 100 years on its retail branch strategy, developing a new digital quarter in the former Olympic Park in east London and working with a Premiership rugby club to turn masses of player data into meaningful intelligence.

We are also supporting the next generation of social enterprises, working with them on a range of projects, from improving the wellbeing of the elderly to funding care for abandoned children.


Building skills 

Providing quality services that support our clients’ growth and success requires exceptional skills and talent. Over FY15, we have invested £28.5 million in our people’s learning and development, offering over one million hours of training to make sure our people are equipped with the knowledge to best serve our clients.

We recognise the importance of diversity of thought and talent and are instilling a culture that allows everyone to be themselves and thrive, develop and succeed. We have launched several initiatives to help us provide an inclusive working environment with respect at its core, and have put in place programmes to address the issue of gender diversity at leadership levels.

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