Our Sponsorships

Challenging perceptions, changing lives

We aim to make a lasting impact in everything we do and sponsorship is no different. By partnering with leading organisations from across sectors, we create brighter futures - whether it’s helping the British Olympic Association deliver record medal haul after medal haul in an unprecedented period of success for Team GB; or supporting the arts and culture sector during a period of rapid change. Find out more about our sponsorships below.


We believe sport is a huge enabler for building brighter futures and bringing people closer to the things that they care about while developing vital skills along the way.

We have worked with the British Olympic Association for over 10 years, having been at the heart of the operations for London 2012, which set a new benchmark in hosting Olympic Games.

In partnership with Threshold Sport, we created and scaled the Deloitte Ride Across Britain - a ‘bucket list’ experience for our people and clients, which provides valuable support to a number of our charitable partners.

We’re placing digital transformation at the heart of the LTA’s vision of ‘Tennis opened up’, helping to make the sport more accessible and inclusive.

Arts & Culture

The skills that will be important for our future workforce are changing and the importance of creativity and adaptability has never been higher.

We're collaborating with forward-thinking institutions, such as the Roundhouse and Somerset House from the arts & culture sector to build an understanding of the importance of creative skills and to help people to develop them.


We are playing an active role in promoting policies that drive competitiveness, support job creation and ensure long-term economic growth so we’re at the heart of the change.

Through the power of collective insight, we can cultivate a better future for the next generation.

Our approach to partnerships

We take an active approach to partnership, looking for partners who share our aims and are committed to working with us. Our aim is to create a set of partnerships to help us achieve the following objectives:

  • Deliver our purpose – creating brighter futures through inclusion, skills & education
  • Create a showcase for the “best of Deloitte”
  • Create a diverse portfolio which is inclusive and has wide appeal
  • Engage greater numbers of our people and future talent
  • Create differentiated client hospitality opportunities and experiences

If your sponsorship proposal satisfies our criteria, then we'd love to hear from you. If you think you have something of interest, please feel free to submit your proposal here.