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Brexit pulse alert: respond to the business impacts of Brexit

4 August, 2020

Brexit development

On 3 August the UK government released new proposals for managing potential border disruption around 31 December when the transition period ends, by revising the plans dubbed ‘Operation Brock’ to manage traffic in Kent originally prepared in case of a no-deal Brexit outcome.

Top Brexit impacts

These amendments ensure the mechanisms established previously come into force and continue until October 2021, whilst also seeking to ‘enhance the approach’ as currently legislated. The proposal notes that the French authorities intend to impose full customs controls and goods checks from day one which could slow down traffic on the UK border.

Additions include provisions aimed at incentivising carriers to ensure they are border ready before their journey commences, including making mandatory the use of the new Smart Freight Service for goods that travel through Kent (Ashford via Eurotunnel or Dover via ferry) due to the particular disruption risk at the Channel. The government also announced its intention to provide for penalties to be applied to hauliers not using the service. This would be in addition to the fines faced by businesses that do not comply with the other traffic restrictions outlined in the original Operation Brock system.

Actions for business

Businesses engaging in cross-border trade via Kent, or reliant on a supplier who does, should familiarise themselves with the details on Operation Brock as it is currently legislated, in addition to the new amendments now proposed by the government and what they could mean for their own operations. Affected businesses should submit their consultation responses prior to the 23 August deadline and ensure they sign up for and make use of the Smart Freight Service to avoid unwanted disruption or penalties.

Ensure your business, and suppliers in your ecosystem, are prepared for new checks, new customs declarations and have considered appropriate stockpiling.

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