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A 2nd Chance to make a difference

Helping 2nd Chance protect its much-needed charitable funds

Simon Harrison in our Tax practice talks about his pro bono work for 2nd Chance.

"2nd Chance is a charity that provides ‘education to employment’ training courses and opportunities for 18 to 24 year olds. These young adults often find themselves unable to access the job market and struggle to sustain employment. 2nd Chance has created a six month intensive course to help these young people develop the attitudes, behaviours, skills and knowledge to gain and sustain successful employment.

In my role as not for profit direct tax specialist, I provided pro bono tax advice to 2nd Chance, helping it to explore new business models and different ways of providing training; progressing its long-term goals and maintaining its much-needed charitable tax exemptions.

The tax work I did will result in the charity saving 20 per cent on every £1 of taxable profit it makes from its activities, whether that’s income from quarterly pop-up restaurants run by the young people or fees earned from providing sustained employees to partner companies. This means that more of the money they earn can be reinvested back in to the charity’s work. This means more young people can get the support and the opportunities they need to build their future careers.

We don’t always get to see the tangible results of our work, but 2nd Chance was one of those projects where I can see the impact Deloitte has had, both on the client and on society. Not only did we provide tax advice on a pro bono basis, we also gave employment opportunities for trainees of 2nd Chance. This has had a clear positive impact on the education, skills and people in our local communities."

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