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The Executive Group

Deloitte's activities are managed by the Senior Partner and the Executive Group who are appointed by the Senior Partner and work closely as a team to lead the firm. While all members of the Executive continue to focus primarily on client service and relationships, they are also each responsible for leading one area of the firm’s operations and strategy as listed below.

David Sproul
Senior Partner and Chief Executive

Emma Codd
Managing Partner - Talent

Vanessa Borchers
Managing Partner - Clients and Markets

Vimi Grewal-Carr
Managing Partner - Innovation and ADM

Stephen Griggs
Managing Partner - Audit & Risk Advisory

Matt Ellis
Managing Partner Tax

Richard Houston
Managing Partner - Consulting

Neville Kahn
Managing Partner - Financial Advisory

Paul Robinson
Managing Partner - Operations

Sharon Thorne
Managing Partner - Global

Steve Ward
Managing Partner - Quality and Risk 

Simon Owen
Managing Partner - Switzerland

Patrick Loftus
Vice Chair

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