Episode #25: Do we care more about a brand or what they stand for?    

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

Humans are funny creatures. We wake up and brew ourselves a cuppa, using only our favourite teabags of course. We butter our bread using our favourite spreads (or not, you love it or you hate it after all) and we message our friends on our mobiles, the same make we’ve had for the last decade.

Some of these brands have been around for generations. But we keep going back for more. And it doesn’t make it easy for the new kids on the block. So why exactly do we have such an emotional connection to them? Are we all just creatures of habit, easily charmed… or is there more to it?

Do we care more about how they make us look or what they stand for? Do we really trust them, and does it even matter? And if we’re being honest, what matters most – a good product or a good story?

Is there a place for the old and the new? And when a brand hits a rough patch – cue COVID-19 – how far does our loyalty go? Does it make a difference how brands respond?

We speak to our Chief Marketing Officer, Annabel Rake, and Johan Bello from creative design agency ACNE to find out.

Tune in to hear:

  • Why purpose is about more than just a fancy slogan
  • How Johan helped design Ikea’s answer to Balenciaga
  • What Lizzie’s learnt from playing the logo game
  • And why our teabags need to do more than make a good brew

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room – Annabel Rake


Annabel Rake
Chief Marketing Officer – UK and North West Europe
Partner, Innovation Board Member

As Chief Marketing Officer for Deloitte in North West Europe, Annabel oversees the go to market strategy across the Firm. Whether it’s corporate brand positioning or building CXO communities, developing industry eminence or taking propositions to market, Annabel provides direction across a wide range of activity – from sponsorships to targeted client relationship development.

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Johan Bello

Johan Bello is the Executive Creative Director and Creative Leader of international creative agency ACNE. Since joining Acne in Sweden in 2007 after spells at Mother London and Madre Buenos Aires, Bello has produced multi-award winning global campaigns, opened up an R&D department, directed commercials, written books, short films and founded Curater - a frame that streams the world’s most progressive art. Johan’s most recent campaign, IKEA’s response to Balenciaga, was named one of the most successful global campaigns of 2017 and won over 30+ awards in various prestigious award shows.

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