Episode #20: How much are we prepared to share for an easy life?    

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

We live in a data-driven world. And it would be pretty difficult to exist in it without sharing information about who we are and what we like. In return, our daily lives are made that little bit easier by organisations using this personal information. GPS maps to work. Customised adverts from our favourite shops. Contactless payments for that cuppa.

But this also means we’re leaving a data trail behind us. So are we trading our privacy for this convenience? How far are we willing to go? Where is this information going? Why is our data so valuable anyway? We say we care about our data, but do we know the terms and conditions we’re agreeing to? If we always click ‘accept’, what’s the role of GDPR and data privacy laws in all this?

And then sometimes it all goes wrong. Cyber attacks and data breaches are on the rise. Are we prepared for them? How can we stay one step ahead? And what response do we expect from the organisations we entrust with our precious data? Is it time we stopped fearing hackers in hoodies and focus on storing our data safely to start with?

For our first episode of season three, we’re discussing something about ourselves that we give away every day, often without realising – data.

Joining our hosts George and Ethan to dive into our latest big question are Peter Gooch, Cyber Risk Services partner and Susie Sharawi, a director in our Risk Advisory practice.

Tune in to find out:

  • What a cyber attack has to do with stuffed crust pizza
  • Why Susie think millennials are becoming more data savvy
  • What surprises Ethan found out about George online
  • Why Peter saved all of his GDPR mailing list emails

We’re giving data away to companies that we trust, or maybe we don’t trust, because we just really want their services. But we don’t think about it. Who knows in 10 years’ time how that data will be used? - Peter Gooch


Peter Gooch
Cyber Risk Services

Peter is a Partner within Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services. He joined Deloitte in 2001 and specialises in consumer privacy, data protection and information/cyber security.

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Susie Sharawi
Risk Advisory

Susie is a director in Risk Advisory and a Security and Strategy Transformation Programme Manager. For the last few years, she has helped organisations develop security strategies which are business focused and practical, based on what the business needs to operate effectively.

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