Episode #23: One year on: did anything go to plan?    

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When our CEO Richard Houston took on the role in 2019, he spoke to our hosts about starting a new job and preparing for his next step. He was prepared for a challenging year, with uncertainty around Brexit, the ongoing audit debate and the pressures of life at the top.

But what he couldn’t predict was a global pandemic. A pandemic that would turn our lives upside down and change the world forever.

Last time we spoke to Richard, we asked him if starting a new job ever gets easier. Now, we’re wondering if the first year of a new job has ever been harder.

There’s no playbook for 2020. So how have business leaders navigated through it? What’s it been like behind the scenes, as they’ve had to make tough decisions to protect their businesses and their people?

And what’s next? What does the world look like five years from now? Can we keep going as before? Or is change inevitable?
How do we focus on what matters most? And where can we make the biggest impact? How do we put sustainability at the heart of our business and inclusion at the forefront of our recovery? And is technology the key to helping us build a better future?

This week’s big question: One year on: did anything go to plan?


Richard Houston
Partner, Executive Group

Richard Houston was elected to serve as Senior Partner and Chief Executive of both Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE) and Deloitte UK from 1st June 2019. He is a member of the Deloitte Global Executive and is responsible for connecting the breadth and depth of capabilities of over 45,000 people and 2,500 partners in NSE to deliver value for clients and make a difference in society.

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