Episode #12: Should we be teaching kids to code?    

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

In a modern world dominated by software, has coding become the most important language of all? Or are we focusing on tech skills at the expense of all others…

How do we ensure the next generation is properly equipped to enter the future workforce, and make sure they’re not left behind?

This week we’re talking to experts representing both sides of the coding coin – in schools and in the workforce. Michael Kolawole, a Teach First computing ambassador and Head of Computing and Year Learning at ARK Kings Academy in Birmingham, and Sheree Atcheson, Consulting Inclusion Lead at Deloitte, will be sharing their views on how important coding really is.

Tune in to find out:

  • Whether the next generation is really ready for the future 
  • Why Michael believes computational thinking is so important
  • What Sheree is doing to tackle the lack of diversity in STEM
  • Why Ethan aspires to be like Hermione Granger


Sheree Atcheson

Listed as one of the UK's Top Most Influential Women in Tech and an international multi-award winner for her services to Diversity & Inclusion in industry, Sheree (@nirushika) is the UK Consulting Inclusion Lead at Deloitte. She’s also a Board-Appointed Global Ambassador at Women Who Code and a Contributor to Forbes.

Sheree is a global outreach leader, having worked in many regions providing leadership and training to C-suite/Executives to aid development of focused diversity and inclusion strategies. As a passionate advocate for gaining/retaining women in the industry, she launched and led the award-winning UK expansion of Women Who Code since 2013. Women Who Code is the world’s largest global non-profit organisation dedicated to helping women excel in tech careers.

As an industry leader, she has spoken at many global events, conferences and leadership sessions and is regularly profiled for her work. Sheree and her work have been featured in many publications, such as Forbes, FastCompany, Evening Standard, HuffPost, Business Post, Marie Claire, Wired, ComputerWeekly, The Guardian, Sunday Telegraph, Newsletter and many more.

The aim of her career is ensuring people are aware of the fantastic opportunities the industry has to offer and make certain that people (regardless of gender, race, social stature) are able to benefit from these and reach their full career potential.

Michael Kolawole

Michael is a Teach First Computing Ambassador and the Head of Computing and Year Learning at ARK Kings Academy in Birmingham.

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