Episode #15: Do working fathers have it easy?    

The Green Room by Deloitte podcast

Comical stereotypes of dads often show fatherhood as a bit of fun. Think dad dancing, dad jokes, dad bods and daddy day care. But with more dads than ever before now actively involved in parenting, is this really the case?

Are we fuelling these stereotypes by treating working parents differently? And why are people still surprised when dads do decide to take on an active parenting role? How can workplaces help today’s working fathers to look after their wellbeing and get that work-family life balance?

This week, we’re discussing whether today’s working fathers really do have it easy. Our hosts George and Lizzie, both working parents, are joined by Jim Bloomfield, director in Clients & Industries, and Han-Son Lee, founder of DaddiLife.

Tune in to find out:

  • How Jim balanced work and parenting when transitioning back into the workplace
  • What happened when George’s daughter Daisy was given ‘jitter glitter’
  • What our research with DaddiLife revealed is important to today’s working dads
  • How many miles Jim was able to run with his pram and son Seb in it

I think what we’re going through now is a fundamental generational shift when it comes to parenthood. It’s that sense of real balance that’s starting to be had. - Han-Son Lee


Jim Bloomfield
Director, Clients & Industries

Jim is a director in Clients & Industries, responsible for leading the C&I Industry and Central Strategy teams, overseeing strategic marketing, insight programmes, client relationship development and strategic growth initiatives.

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Han-Son Lee
Founder, DaddiLife

Han-Son Lee is the founder of DaddiLife, the UK’s leading platform and community for millennial dads. He’s passionate about promoting a dad positive message through DaddiLife, where modern-day dads can access parenting support and resources online. Alongside the blog, DaddiLife also has a popular following on social media through the Instagram account, Twitter handle and Facebook page.

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