The Roundhouse: Blueprint

The world of work is rapidly changing. Skills are being reconsidered, new jobs are emerging and working environments are adapting. We know it’s going to have a major impact on people entering the workforce after education. But those most likely to be affected are the least likely to know how to respond.

That’s why we teamed up with creative hub and venue the Roundhouse to create Blueprint – a future skills programme we developed together. A group of 18-25 year olds explored the skills they'll need to succeed in the future workplace across three themes: creativity, employability and collaboration. They then shared their thoughts and findings through their own short films, which they each produced from start to finish. Check out the finished films below to see how they all got on.

The blueprints for change

Blueprint was created to support young people and help them explore what the future of work means to them.

The Roundhouse works with 6,500 young people each year through creative projects at their venue in Camden and out in the community. Blueprint project leaders guided the group of young people through briefings, which featured insight from our Future of Work team and experts across the firm.

Throughout the production process, the group developed some of the important future skills they were exploring – working independently, in a creative and entrepreneurial environment. Each of the films were edited by the Roundhouse alumni, individuals who have developed these future skills and want to give back to a new generation.

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