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Training your mind with Team GB

Effectively managing the pressure of performance

Team GB’s Olympians experience pressure like no other. They carry the weight of a nation on their shoulders and are expected to perform on the world stage, as an audience of billions watch on. That one opportunity to perform represents a lifetime of dreams, training and sacrifices, so it’s no surprise that being in peak condition requires an equal blend of mental and physical preparation.

Deloitte’s people also feel their own pressure to deliver: consistently, to a very high standard, and often on an international scale. And they feel nerves just as athletes do. It is how those nerves are framed that will affect whether the pressure hinders or helps their performance.

As a strong supporter of mental resilience, Deloitte runs many initiatives to help its people prevent, manage and overcome mental health challenges in the workplace. To explore the parallels with elite sport and to share our collective experiences in closer detail, Deloitte recently hosted an event inviting their Health and Wellbeing experts and Team GB athletes. By sharing their own perspectives around mental resilience and the psychology of preparation, attendees understood how these techniques could be transferred into the work environment and general life.

There are many preparation techniques used by successful athletes that can be used beyond sport. Deloitte’s passion and knowledge in this area meant this event was engaging and rewarding for all involved.

- Ben Hawes, Chair of the British Olympic Association Athletes’ Commission

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