UK-Switzerland Services Mobility Agreement

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4 December, 2020

Brexit development

The UK government has concluded a Services Mobility Agreement with Switzerland, which will ensure that professionals in both countries can continue to travel freely and work visa-free for up to 90 days per year.

Top Brexit impacts

The agreement provides certainty to services providers that movement between the UK and Switzerland will continue on largely the same terms as present. The agreement also includes a commitment from both countries to work together on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

The UK government said: “When travelling to Switzerland, UK professionals will be able to do business as they do now and will not face economic interest tests, work permits or lengthy processing times for the first 90 days.”

“The initial agreement will last for two years to ensure continuity immediately after the transition period. It will help lay the groundwork for an enhanced UK Switzerland trading relationship in the future”.

Trade in services between the UK and Switzerland in 2019 amounted to over £17 billion, part of a broader trade relationship worth over £37 billion. Both countries will also benefit from the continuity trade agreement in goods which will come into effect after the transition period.

Actions for business

Services businesses trading within the UK-Switzerland corridor will be able to plan for the future with greater certainty. Businesses will have some time to examine the legal text of the agreement once published. The measures will come into effect on 1 January 2021 after the transition period and will apply for at least two years.

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