2020 Annual Report

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Keeping clients cyber safe in times of crisis

As the UK went into lockdown, companies had to respond rapidly so their people could work from home. But the increased use of mobile devices and the need for remote access to core business systems created new risks.

It was also a time when the number of phishing attacks rose, adding to the difficulties in dealing with cyber security challenges.

An immediate response

With 17,000 cyber practitioners worldwide, we were able to help organisations respond with confidence.

Our work to help a clientrebuild after a lockdown cyber attack showcases just how quickly and efficiently our cyber teams can come together – in this case virtually – to support the vital work of clients.

A debilitating ransomware attack threatened to halt one company’s production of more than 1,000 much-needed ventilators for COVID-19 patients. We investigated the cause and extent, and identified actions needed to bring the client back online, without affecting their operations.

In addition, we advised on, and implemented, systems for Metro Bank to streamline customer access to products and make sure they were in one secure place. We also provided security and incident management services.

Cyber allies worldwide

Our global alliances ensure our clients benefit from access to the latest innovations in cyber-attack prevention.

One example is our work with the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement, a government-funded cyber security centre. By teaming up with investors, academics and the international community, we’re helping start-ups to develop more advanced products to defeat the hackers.

Using industry knowledge, innovation, tried-and-tested cyber offerings and business experience, we manage cyber everywhere, so society can go anywhere.

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Keeping clients cyber safe in times of crisis

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