2020 Annual Report

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Deloitte Legal: a different approach for today’s challenges

One of our most significant developments in the past 18 months has been our growth and, in particular, the decision to grow Deloitte Legal in the UK.

As part of our multi-disciplinary model, Deloitte Legal can draw on the vast expertise that sits within the firm, including our consultants, strategists and technology specialists who partner with our legal experts to offer clients new solutions to their legal problems.

For example, we’re currently helping a client by providing a flexible and scalable solution to transform the way in which its in-house legal team supports its day-to-day operations. The same client also wants greater insight into the contracting risks within its business, and is keen to speed up the time it takes to contract with its counterparties as part of its sales cycle.

We’re assisting them by combining deep consulting insight to improve their ways of working and technology such as bots and other self-service tools to enable their employees to agree contracts with counterparties. We’re also providing dedicated regulated legal support on an outsourced basis to boost the number of lawyers the client has access to.

Enabling future talent

To support our growth during this time, we have made market-leading hires across our Legal Advisory, Legal Management Consulting and Legal Managed Services businesses, as well as focusing on organic growth in the UK. Today, we have more than 2,500 legal experts in more than 80 countries worldwide who, together with colleagues across Deloitte, advise clients seamlessly when legal solutions need to dovetail with other areas of their business.

As part of our forward-thinking approach, we are offering a new route into the profession for legal trainees and are supporting legal technology start-ups to bring their ideas to the mainstream. Replacing the Legal Practice Course and law conversion courses, the Solicitors Qualifying Education, a collaboration with the University of Law, offers graduates the chance to qualify on the job, earning while they learn.

Our Legal Ventures programme is engaging with start-ups in a way that enables them to bring the best new legal technology into our firm. Also, our collaboration with venture builder Conception X is empowering students from the UK’s leading PhD programmes to create tech start-up enterprises.

The need for this type of holistic solution will continue to grow as the business world gets more complex, regulation increases and costs remain under continual focus.

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Deloitte Legal: a different approach for today’s challenges

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