2020 Annual Report

Private business: the engine of the economy

An interview with Emma Cox

Private business: the engine of the economy

We consider privately owned businesses to be the backbone of the UK economy and recognise the important part they play, along with their founders and investors, in driving economic recovery across all regions of the UK. Deloitte Private is a critical part of our firm, and we have an extremely valuable role in supporting entrepreneurs, business leaders and private capital investors in delivering sustainable and responsible growth.

Also, we engage our networks, which include government and organisations such as the Institute of Family Business, to foster opportunity.

Connecting for growth

During the year, we brought together Chief Finance Officers (CFOs), founders and chairs as part of our client forum and webinar programme to forge connections spanning industries, market segments and peer groups. In the past six months, more than 400 leaders have attended 23 forums. This benefited many of our clients as they navigated the impact of COVID-19. 

In September 2019, we launched a Next Generation CFO programme for both privately owned and private equity-backed businesses, which invests in the development of tomorrow’s finance leaders. 

Our continued focus in this market will see increased investment in helping clients grow and connect. This includes enabling introductions between big and high-growth companies as they continue to form alliances across many UK sectors. 

Emma Cox is Managing Partner of Deloitte Private in the UK