2020 Annual Report

Helping to shape the future of the UK

As a leading professional services organisation, we have an important role to play in leading change, and shaping UK business and services for the future.

The country’s exit from the European Union and preparing for the end of the transition period is vital for all businesses operating in, or with, the UK, and our teams have continued helping organisations of all sizes navigate the complexities arising from this.

We’ve been consistent in our support for audit reform, and remain committed to playing our role in delivering change that enhances audit quality, improves choice and restores trust.

Our UK Chair, Nick Owen, co-chairs the Professional and Business Services Council, working with government to represent one of the UK’s most successful sectors and align it with national priorities such as clean growth, exports and skills.

Our regional presence of 7,500 people continues to support the government’s commitment to ‘level-up’ the UK regions, including hubs that bring specialist expertise to regions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of being digitally-connected, and investment in technology will be critical to the UK’s economic recovery and growth.

As we re-imagine business in the digital era, we are building on our existing Cloud expertise with additional SAP business design skills through the acquisition of Keytree.

Through our work with the government-funded London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA), we’re supporting cybersecurity startups with the potential to bring new ideas to market, helping to raise the UK’s position internationally as a cyber leader.

And with businesses acutely aware of the action needed to transition to a low-carbon economy, our work supporting Derwent London to secure green credit for building and refurbishing developments in the capital is an example of how we’re helping our clients work towards the government’s Net Zero 2050 target.

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