2020 Annual Report

Leadership and governance

Strong leadership and governance is the foundation of our firm: determining our purpose and strategy; setting the tone for ethical and responsible decision-making throughout the business; and ensuring transparency and accountability to external stakeholders and to our people.

Our leadership is shaped to meet continuing market challenges and to prioritise our continued investment in quality and our people.

About the Senior Partner and Chief Executive role

Richard Houston, the Senior Partner and Chief Executive, has full executive authority for the management of Deloitte in the UK. Richard was elected to serve as Senior Partner and Chief Executive of both Deloitte North and South Europe (NSE) and Deloitte UK from 1st June 2019. He is a member of the Deloitte Global Executive and is responsible for connecting the breadth and depth of capabilities of over 50,000 people and 2,900 partners in NSE to deliver value for clients and make a difference in society.

The UK Executive Group

Deloitte's activities are managed by the Senior Partner and the Executive Group who are appointed by the Senior Partner and work closely as a team to lead the firm. While all members of the Executive continue to focus primarily on client service and relationships, they are also each responsible for leading one area of the firm’s industries, businesses or operations.

Richard Houston

Senior Partner and Chief Executive

Stephen Griggs

Managing Partner Audit & Assurance and Public Policy and Deputy CEO

Dimple Agarwal

Managing Partner People & Purpose and Deputy CEO

Matt Ellis

Managing Partner Tax & Legal and Deputy CEO

Anne-Marie Malley

Managing Partner Consulting

Richard Bell

Managing Partner Financial Advisory

Andy Morris

Managing Partner Risk Advisory

Dominic Graham

Managing Partner Consumer

Pauline Biddle

Managing Partner Regional Markets

Donna Ward

Chief Financial Officer

David Noon

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Mullins

Managing Partner Quality, Risk and Security

Richard Hammell

Managing Partner Financial Services

Nigel Wixcey

Managing Partner Clients & Industries

Emma Cox

Managing Partner Deloitte Private

*UK Executive as of 31 May 2020. As of 1 October 2020, Paul Stephenson replaces Stephen Griggs as Managing Partner for Audit & Assurance; Pauline Biddle replaces Nigel Wixcey as Managing Partner Clients & Industries; Dan Barlow replaces Pauline Biddle as Managing Partner Regional Markets. Stephen Griggs is now UK Managing Partner. David Noon and Nigel Wixcey no longer sit on the UK Executive but remain members of the NSE Executive.

UK Oversight Board

The UKOB’s objective is to provide oversight of how the UK Practice meets its UK regulatory and legal responsibilities, including the requirements of the Audit Firm Governance Code.

In particular, the UKOB’s focus is on promoting audit quality, assisting the firm to secure its reputation more broadly, and reducing the risk of firm failure.

In meeting these objectives, the UKOB operates in conjunction with the NSE Audit & Risk Committee to provide oversight of how the material risks facing the UK business are managed and controlled and how Deloitte meets its public interest responsibilities in the UK. The UKOB is also responsible for overseeing relevant regulatory and financial reporting matters.

Full details can be found in our Transparency Report.

Section 172 statements

Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 sets out a number of general duties that directors owe to a company. These include a general duty requiring directors to act in a way in which they consider, in good faith, will promote the success of the company for the benefit of shareholders as a whole.

New statutory reporting requirements mean that certain subsidiaries of Deloitte LLP (which qualify as “large companies” under the Companies Act 2006) need to include a statement in the Strategic Report within their Annual Report to explain how directors have had regard to the matters set out in section 172(1).

These section 172(1) statements for the qualifying subsidiary companies are available below:

Deloitte & Touche Consulting Holdings Limited
The principal activity of the Company is to act as a holding company for Deloitte MCS Limited, which provides consulting services.

Deloitte MCS Limited
The principal activity of the Company is the provision of consulting services.

Deloitte Total Reward & Benefits Limited
The principal activity of the Company is the provision of pension consulting, administration, investment and data analytical advice to pension trustees and corporations in the UK.

Deloitte CIS Limited
The principal activity of Deloitte CIS Limited is to act as a holding company for the Deloitte CIS Limited Group. Deloitte LLP holds equity interest in Deloitte CIS Limited but does not control either Deloitte CIS Limited or Deloitte CIS Limited Group.