Lessons from leaders

Success means different things to different people. Respect. Money. Happiness. Giving back. Legacy.

We’re lucky enough to have inspiring senior leaders working on some of our most impactful projects. Things like leading some of our biggest audit accounts. Supporting our LGBT+ colleagues. Taking their tax expertise to schools. Or shaping our Black Action Plan.

We could tell you about why these things matter to us as a firm. But it’s really our people and their stories who best bring it to life. That’s where Five things that made me comes in – celebrating senior role models across the firm by sharing stories of how they got to where they are now.

We each have our own background, but no matter how different, we can all learn from one another. Because our people are at the heart of our firm, and what forges us ahead is our shared experiences.

Here are some of the people we’ve featured over the past year, and what we learnt from their stories.

Three leaders, many stories

We all have leaders we look up to. ‘They’ve made it’, we think. But every role model walked their path before becoming one.

Over the past few months, we’ve been putting the spotlight on some of our most inspiring senior leaders. We’ve talked about their lives and their careers. The highlights. The turning points. The shiny opportunities.

But we also talk about the tough times. The lessons learnt. How they find balance. And the helping hands along the way.

Meet some of our role models…

Rachel – one of our tax directors, and the first person in her family to go to university. Her career kicked off with a high-profile secondment with the government. We talked about the moment she handed in her resignation, and how she designed her dream role. She inspired us with everything she still has to give.

Will – our new Managing Partner, People & Purpose for our North and South Europe firm. He grew up in the North West and is a massive music fan. Rather than planning out every single step in his career, he’s just followed his heart. It’s no wonder that today, he loves what he does.

And Stewart – an audit director whose career with us spans twenty years. He’s also a cricket fan and a proud dad. We talked about the good times and the challenging ones – including being there for his Black colleagues over the last year. From Barbados to Birmingham, we loved sharing his story.

Our role models have shared insight with us on what they wanted to be growing up, what success means to them now and those key moments or decisions that shaped their careers.

10 lessons we can all learn from

Here’s what we learnt from Rachel, Will and Stewart…

1. Just because others around you didn’t doesn’t mean you can’t

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy but it always pays off

3. You’re not one career. There’s more than one path for everyone

4. You don’t have to have a grand plan. What interests you right now?

5. Look for opportunities to learn – and have fun

6. Don’t try to be like anyone else. Be yourself and watch how far you’ll go

7. It’s about where you come from. But it’s also about where you’re going

8. Accept help. Help others. Repeat

9. Don’t forget to look around you. There’s always someone looking up to you

10. Do more of what you love. Life’s too short to spend it on things you don’t

That’s the story so far. We’ve loved sharing our role models’ stories, and hearing they’ve resonated with people on their own journeys. We look forward to celebrating more amazing leaders in the next twelve months.


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