Our business performance
& ESG metrics

Alongside our broader impact and contribution sit the key financial and ESG metrics through which we measure our ongoing performance.


Our CFO Donna Ward shares an overview of our financial performance in FY22 as well as a break down of performance by business.

Donna Ward

Chief Financial Officer

Stephen Griggs

Our UK Managing Partner Stephen Griggs talks about how we ran our business during a challenging economic landscape and our priorities during this time.

Stephen Griggs

UK Managing Partner

Breakdown of our revenue performance

Deloitte reported revenue of £4.9bn for the year ended 31 May 2022. Growth for each of our businesses for the last three years can be viewed in our Business and ESG Performance Metrics

Performance at a glance



8% on FY21



10% increase on FY21


distributable profit

21% increase on FY21


total UK tax contribution

13% increase on FY21

*includes £902m of taxes collected on behalf of HMRC & £594m of taxes borne by firm


average distributable profit per equity partner

24% increase on FY21





client satisfaction score

*client satisfaction score indicates the extent to which Deloitte is exceeding expectations

Business and ESG performance

This report provides a summary of our performance against the ESG metrics that underpin our approach as a responsible business. It also includes a  high-level view of our financial performance.


Deloitte’s WorldClimate strategy is our global plan to drive responsible climate choices within our organisation, and to use our firm’s reach and influence to help others do the same.

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