Annual report insights 2014

Providing a clear steer

Following an intensive period for corporate reporting Deloitte’s latest report reveals detailed analyses of 100 listed UK companies annual reports, from multiple sectors.

Our report showcases the latest trends, innovations and opportunities to drive improvements in the preparation of annual reports as well as identifying the key pitfalls.

"The most common areas of non-compliance are around the independence of directors and the composition of audit committees".

Dive into the detail of our full report

Our in-depth full report clearly sets out the current requirements governing annual reports, the changes coming into force over the next year or so, regulatory hotspots and links to further resources.

It looks at the linkage between sections of an annual report, the presentation of KPI’s, how companies have complied with regulatory changes and addressed the description of business models and the use of non-GAAP measures. It also showcases the latest trends and innovations in corporate reporting and includes best practice examples. 


Understanding the key findings and how you can go the extra mile

Our highlights section presents the key findings, allowing you to quickly understand the developments in narrative reporting, corporate governance and financial statements, including top tips and best practice examples.

In addition there is clear guidance on  how annual  reports can be improved, including areas  that will be under scrutiny from regulators as well as ideas on how to cut clutter. 

Our suggestions are split into four levels, ranging from the bare minimum to how companies can go that extra mile.

Navigate our infographic for a snapshot of the findings

Although only five companies surveyed mentioned integrated reporting, the vast majority, 80%, already discuss value creation in their reports.

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