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Data crunching for a sporting edge

Using analytics to plan match strategy

How do you translate data into a match-winning strategy? Deloitte’s Analytics team, led by David Blackwell, has provided professional sports teams with an innovative solution to data integration, giving them bespoke tools to allow their coaches to explore different game plans.

The challenge

​From body sensors monitoring movements on the pitch to wearable devices tracking nutrition and reams of video footage, professional sports teams are drowning in data.​ Traditional analysis techniques are unable to handle such large volumes of information, leaving coaches and their teams struggling to make sense of the statistics.

We are helping them answer such questions as:

  • How does performance differ during periods of high and low intensity in games?
  • What impact does a skills-based training programme have on performance in matches? ​


Our solution

By using our solution, sports teams can make informed decisions around game strategy, training and conditioning. In addition, with our predictive modelling, teams can transform a coach’s hunch into cold, hard facts.

The Sports Performance platform is performance-focused and bespoke to each team, and this is what sets it apart. Each coach, analyst and trainer can tailor the solution to their specific requirements with the aim of bringing that all-important competitive edge.

“We didn't want to follow the others; we wanted to develop our own platform that fitted our needs. In working with Deloitte to develop this platform we have done so safe in the knowledge that we are working with one of the world's leading professional services firms.


"With the masses of data available, the Deloitte Sports Performance platform has provided us a way to confidently track our players and understand how to manage them on a day-to-day basis. Being able to use a bespoke analytics tool is a definite competitive advantage when competing at the elite level. Deloitte's innovative approach is the perfect solution for our team.”


Conor O’Shea, Director of Rugby, Harlequins


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