A directors' guide to integrated reporting

Telling it like it is

In a rapidly changing unpredictable world, where every company has to build its licence to operate on foundations of trust, and where technology and international communications makes everything visible, leadership and relationships are the only consistent building blocks of success.

Tomorrow's Company

and integrated thinking

Our latest insight on Integrated Reporting (<IR>) is a useful aid to company directors.  We believe <IR> will be a key theme for many organisations over the next 18 months, especially those operating in international jurisdictions.

<IR> goes beyond financial measurements to incorporate a broader set of ‘capitals’ including intellectual, human, social and natural. From our perspective, conceptually <IR> is a ‘common sense’ approach for business which has evolved in response to a wider recognition that organisations need to regain trust from the market and build long-term value.

offers a new lens for thinking about your business. The benefits can be wide-reaching, naturally flowing from one to the next.

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