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GAAP 2017

Drawing it together

Deloitte's GAAP manuals deliver authoritative, up-to-date practical guidance and examples to help you navigate recent changes and best practice in UK financial reporting.

This year's edition includes a new chapter on IFRS 16 Leases and guidance on the 2016 UK Corporate Governance Code as well as further detailed guidance across both the IFRS and UK GAAP volumes, sharing our experience gained in working with clients both in the UK and internationally. It also includes many more real life examples of disclosures drawn from companies preparing IFRS accounts.

What the pack includes

Once again our manuals are available electronically, maximising functionality, accessibility and sustainability.

Our GAAP 2017 manuals cover all UK legal, regulatory and financial reporting requirements. The complete volume listing includes:

  • Volume A: UK Reporting - Legal and regulatory framework
    • This volume provides analysis of, and practical guidance on, the many and varied legal regulatory requirements that must be applied in the preparation of annual reports and financial statements for listed and unlisted entities in the UK. Updates for this edition include:
      • The 2016 UK Corporate Governance Code
      • Changes resulting from the 2016 LLP Regulations
      • The proposed changes to the distributable profits guidance
  • Volume B: UK Reporting - FRS 102
    • This volume delivers section-by-section analysis of FRS 102’s recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements. Updates for this edition include:
      • New requirements in FRS 102 for fair value hierarchy disclosures for financial instruments
      • The 2016 Going Concern Guidance
  • Volume C: UK Reporting - IFRSs Parts 1 & 2
    • This volume explains how to apply IFRSs, focusing on practical implementation issues with discussion and analysis of issues specific to UK companies. Updates for this edition include:
      • Chapter on the new leasing Standard, IFRS 16 Leases
      • Recent amendments to IFRSs including IFRS 2 Share-based Payment and IAS 12 Income Taxes
      • The 2016 Going Concern Guidance
  • Volume D: UK Reporting - IFRS 9 and related Standards
    • This volume explains the application of IFRS 9. Whilst not effective in the UK until 1 January 2018, companies will now be considering the impact of adopting this new Standard. Updates for this edition include:
      • Updated guidance on hedge accounting (including illustrative examples)
      • Updated guidance on impairment
  • Volume E: UK Reporting - IAS 39 and related Standards
    • Although IFRS 9 (covered in Volume D) will supersede this Standard, this volume covers IAS 39 which remains highly relevant to all UK companies with financial instruments.
  • Volume F: UK Reporting - IFRS disclosures in practice (Available in eReader format only)
    • Now an established part of the Deloitte series, this volume presents many different areas of IFRSs as they apply around the world. It includes real-life examples of good disclosure practice under IFRSs with linkages to other volumes to ensure easy movement between the explanation of the requirements and understanding what disclosures look like in practice.
  • Model annual report and financial statements for UK listed groups
  • Model annual report and financial statements for UK unlisted groups - FRS 102
    • These volumes are available for both UK listed groups (prepared using IFRSs) and UK unlisted groups (prepared using FRS 102). These volumes contain a full discussion of the relevant legal, regulatory and narrative reporting requirements and include both narrative and financial reports, with extensive explanatory commentary.
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