Finance Analytics

Driving faster, better finance and control activities

Are you missing out on the opportunity to exploit the data that your finance systems hold to help drive further efficiency and effectiveness within your day-to-day activities and enhance compliance?  

Most organisations have, for some time now been investing in world class finance systems which enable them to capture and control extensive data sets with their prime books of entry.

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Balance sheet integrity
Design, implement and embed new technologies to help deliver a better governed, faster and more reliable financial close process.

Finance workflow optimisation
Improve data quality and increase business processing times, whilst reducing the risk of error. 

Interactive financial reporting
Improve the reliability of your Management Information (MI) by remedying data quality issues. 

Risk monitoring and control automation
Use technology to identify key risks and deploy analytics to support the controls which mitigate them. 

Your strategy
Identify, prioritise and deliver improvements across your capabilities, processes and technologies.