Health and safety that works

Intelligent risk management

Responsible behaviour generates opportunities

There are a broad range of drivers for effective workplace Health and Safety management; ranging from a moral desire to protect people from harm through to external factors such as regulation, the risk of prosecution and financial penalties affecting business.

These influences may be the catalyst for action, but organisations should think beyond a basic need to ‘comply’. Good H&S management will;

  • seize mandatory interactions relating to Health and Safety as golden opportunities to positively engage employees;
  • draw insights from effective risk management processes to inform key stakeholders; and
  • strengthen corporate culture through transparent, consistent and most importantly proportionate messages relating to Health and Safety risk.

Our Health and Safety specialists with experience across a breadth of industry settings work in collaboration with leadership, supporting the development and refinement of Health and Safety activity that matters.

From bringing risk and performance to life through the application of advanced analytics through to providing an independent perspective and the development of a future facing strategy, Deloitte’s know-how can be transformational in the effective management of this high priority risk area.

Key considerations

  • With finite resource for Health and Safety management, is effort being translated into meaningful impact?
  • Do Health and Safety processes take advantage of available innovations; to minimise burdensome and low value activity?
  • Is the subject of ‘Health and Safety’ currently valued as a key component of successful business?

Management systems and assurance programs conventionally focus on whether Health and Safety is ‘being performed’, but are not targeted to question whether the subject is being delivered efficiently.

By improving focus and reducing the presence of restrictive bureaucracy within Health and Safety, organisations can increase the time available to work on what is important – taking tangible steps to reduce significant risk.

Our approach

Efficient Health and Safety management.

Large organisations place reliance on effectively capturing information at a local level to support in identifying and controlling business wide risks, including:

  • Confirmation that potentially life securing controls, such as statutory maintenance and inspections are completed to time and satisfaction.
  • Effective collection and recording of ‘reportable’ injuries and incidents; information that is relied upon by key stakeholders.

Deloitte can provide internal audit and independent assurance that processes considered to be significant are being delivered with a high level of reliability.

Our approach

Health and Safety internal audit and assurance

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