What is a Beta product?

This product is in the final testing phase before we launch it to the wider market. It’s being used by early adopter clients who are helping us to make improvements and shape the future product roadmap.

The challenge

When you’re leading an Internal Audit (IA) function, you’re under a lot of pressure to perform. With senior management and the Board as your stakeholders, you and your team face a great deal of scrutiny as businesses rightly pursue operational excellence, regulatory compliance and effective risk management. Increasing regulatory attention on the role, capabilities and impact of Internal Audit only increases that drive to improve.

One of the best ways to improve performance is to understand how you and your team are performing relative to your peers, getting under the skin of what other IA teams are doing with the budget they have, and identifying key areas for development.

IA Blueprint is an online platform we're currently piloting. It is being shaped by and designed especially for Heads of Internal Audit to help you and your team progress. At its heart it allows you free access to relevant benchmarking data. This is data that you can tap into with speed, drilling down into granular detail to help you understand your areas of strength as well as opportunities to improve. Beyond this, the platform also offers you the chance to access tailored development workshops, data analytics capabilities to improve the efficiencies of your audit processes, as well as a range of helpful industry insight resources.


Insight to help improve your function

Assess your performance against your peers to identify key areas for improvement, with an online platform that offers much faster access to benchmarking data than manual reports.

Tailored support to help you take action

Bespoke workshops and health assessments help you to identify the actions you need to take next to resolve weaknesses, with delivery support available if you need it.

Shaped by and specifically designed for Heads of Internal Audit

Access a range of tools to help your development all in one place – including benchmarking data, analytics capabilities and a platform to ask your peers the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Better stakeholder engagement

Drill into the details of easy to access data for improved stakeholder reporting, and draw on a range of relevant insights to enable more strategic conversations.

Competitively priced

Make more efficient use of your budget by reducing spend on multiple suppliers, bringing your benchmarking, analytics and insights capabilities together on one platform.


IA Blueprint is a platform that brings together a range of tools and resources all in one place, designed to make improving your Internal Audit function an easier process.

Peer-to-peer benchmarking

Customisable benchmark reporting

External Quality Assessment tool

Internal audit analytics capabilities

Industry insights and articles

Tailored workshop support

How it works

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