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It's in the preparation

‘Could this happen to us?’ is fast becoming a familiar question posed to Heads of Risk and Security in boardrooms across the country. Heavily publicised failures are a stark reminder of the reputational and financial damage that can ensue.

We help organisations prepare for and respond to high-consequence events which has the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputation and destroy shareholder value.

High-consequence events can be broad ranging, from significant business disruptions due to severe weather, acts of terrorism, industrial action and pandemics to major strategic, commercial or loss events such as project ‘go-live’, new product launch and product recalls or fraud and consumer data leakage.

Case Study, London 2012 Games Readiness Ready or not?

In preparation for London 2012  organisations needed to consider the impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on business operations. Organisations realised they inevitably would mpacted by the Games as the world came to the UK and in particular to London.

This created a variety of risks, issues and opportunities, all of which needed to be considered by businesses as they prepare dtheir operations for ‘business as unusual’.

Lessons learned from previous Games indicated organisations may face disruption to supply and travel, and would need to review security and consider a range of other factors that may impact their business operations.

Deloitte designed an innovative programme to help clients prepare for London 2012, share ideas and some of the cost of the required planning to manage business operations during Games-time. This programme allowed clients to more effectively understand the impact of London 2012 through a series of workshops and briefing sessions, based on our unique insight and experience from our work in the planning and preparation for the Games.

Additionally, organisations had the opportunity to ‘experience’ the potential impact on business operations through a series of well researched exercises and simulations to evaluate plan effectiveness.

Deloitte was the exclusive provider of professional advisory services to The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), providing a bespoke programme of services to support the delivery of London 2012.

Deloitte has previous experience in planning and prerations for other major events including:

  • Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games
  • 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup
  • Tour de France
  • Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games
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