The Deloitte Academy

Excellence in the boardroom

The Deloitte Academy has been designed to provide support and guidance to boards, individual directors and company secretaries in this complex business environment.


By becoming a member of the Deloitte Academy you have access to a wide-ranging programme of technical briefing, education, bespoke training and also complimentary use of services at our purpose built business facility in central London.

The Academy is predominantly aimed at main board directors and company secretaries of FTSE 350 companies listed on The London Stock Exchange.

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Upcoming programme

The programme includes specific sessions for those people on the audit committee and remunerations committee, in addition there are briefings that we hope will be of interest to the whole board.

The format of the programme ranges from lectures and seminars through to workshops for whole boards to training for individual directors: all delivered in our dedicated business facility.

We also run a number of smaller discussion sessions for particular groups of directors based upon their position, market segment or industry.  Separate invitations are sent out for these.