Business Services Outlook


Business Services Outlook 2015 examines current and anticipated trends likely to affect business services providers in 2015. Its aim is to inform strategic thinking in the sector and explain how the key issues for businesses will evolve over the next year.

Diversity and longevity remain key strengths for many business services providers but these are offset by a number of challenges – the recurring concerns being how they will deal with pricing pressures, new competition, how they will manage financing and the impact of change to regulations. In order to succeed, business services providers should focus on strategies relating to:

  • evolving business models (through collaboration for delivery of complex services)
  • a focus on cost management (to deal with pressures on providers from rising costs and tighter margins)
  • the use of software enabled services (through technology-led innovations which help to tackle the skills gap and boost worker productivity).

Overall, we believe that business services providers can mitigate risks and benefit from the significant opportunities that remain by implementing these strategies. And the UK’s leading capabilities and experience in the sector means providers are well positioned to export these skills overseas.


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