UK Recruitment Index 2015

Investing in talent for stronger growth

About the Index

The results of the UK Recruitment Index 2015 are based on a record number of APSCo Deloitte Benchmarking Survey responses. The objective of this survey is to produce an index of key financial and operational performance metrics to enable recruitment companies to measure and benchmark themselves.

This year’s survey results show significantly stronger performance in the recruitment sector during 2015. There are slight variations in the size and scale of growth in organisations but growth in all segments is strong.

Based on this year’s data, businesses in this sector should be optimistic about future prospects but need to create the conditions in which they can deliver strong rates of growth. With such strong growth, recruiters face the challenge of maintaining this in future so that they can maximise their potential.

Key findings

  • 83% of professional recruitment firms surveyed reported an increase in net fee income over the past year – significantly higher than last year
  • Share of recruitment firms that experienced a decline in net fee income has halved this year compared with last year
  • There is a continued focus on talent among recruitment firms to support growth in the sector:

97% say staff training will be important for future growth

62% say growing headcount will be a major challenge in the next 12 months

Other top challenges include retaining talent (31% of respondents) and developing a strong management team (29%)

  • Overall, there is a greater appetite for investing in talent for stronger growth. If this is done effectively, recruitment firms should be able to command higher margins through the provision of higher-value services for clients


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