UK Recruitment Index 2017


Welcome to the fifth annual edition of the UK Recruitment Index, compiled by Deloitte in association with APSCo.

The UK Recruitment Index is a highly regarded source of financial and operational metrics that enable recruitment companies to measure and benchmark themselves against industry averages and identify areas where they excel.

The 2017 results indicate overall continued growth in the UK recruitment sector. While the majority of recruitment firms report increasing net fee income for their most recently completed financial year, the pace of growth seems to have slowed as more businesses report decreasing income growth. In addition, productivity has been impacted by the buoyant market for consultants, which has encouraged a greater churn of recruitment sector staff.

Building on some of the metrics from our survey, this year we have broadened our analysis to provide further insight into growth strategies, investment priorities, barriers to growth and the factors driving growth. With the recruitment sector often cited as a barometer for the wider economy, our survey shows that the demand for high quality talent has remained robust. However the impact of the Brexit referendum followed by the UK’s general election has left a level of uncertainty overhanging the UK market.

The theme of the report this year is ‘Focus’. Whilst UK businesses have held their breath during the political uncertainty that we have seen over the last 18 months, growth in the sector has slowed and fee earner churn levels have risen. Recruitment companies have experienced challenges as a result of this, but are proactively using this time to focus on the people at the heart of their businesses and to refocus their strategies with a view to the wider European market.

We would like to thank the index participants who made the report possible by providing their data for analysis. We hope the report provides valuable insights that will enhance your understanding of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

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