Facilities Management

Deloitte is the leading firm of advisors to the Facilities Management sector and has a dedicated Facilities Management sector team that works with a range of businesses from small UK corporates to the largest firms with both UK and international presence. Through our long term trusted client relationships we have developed a deep sector expertise and understanding of the industry. We help our clients achieve their goals and answer those strategic questions by creating bespoke solutions that are specific to their situation.

We regularly advise Facilities Management companies on the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financial and cash flow management
  • Pricing analytics and workforce efficiency
  • Finance transformation and strategy
  • Financial reporting and governance
  • Direct and indirect taxes

Our Facilties Management team also incorporates specialists who advise clients in the selection and appointment of Facilties Management suppliers  - their deep client perspectives are regularly sought by our Facilties Management client base.  

We would be delighted to discuss your opportunities and challenges and how we may be able to help.

The market

The Facilities Management sector encompasses companies engaged in a wide range of soft and hard service provision in both the private and public sector in the UK and globally. This market is currently experiencing challenging times with Boards facing a number of key strategic questions.

Customers are demanding higher quality and broader service provision also wanting greater visibility on pricing and margins, with an increasing prevalence of 'Contracting for Outcomes' (CFO) in the public sector. This is squeezing already tight margins and adding additional complexity into bidding activities resulting in many Facilities Management companies struggling to understand the true profitability of contracts. Combined with this, many Facilities Management companies are considering whether to self-deliver or subcontract in order to try to improve overall contract profitability. The emergence of brokerage firms into the marketplace to procure global FM services at the lowest price results in further margin pressure and fragmentation of market share.

Workforce efficiency

Workforce efficiency continues to be an issue for many Facilities Management companies due to inflexibility, lack of good quality logistical information and the tools and skills to manage a more efficient workforce.

Future growth

Many Facilities Management companies are looking overseas for future growth, trying to navigate the challenges of achieving scale in fragmented local markets or penetrating sophisticated Facilities Management markets such as Western Europe. The market continues to be driven towards consolidation with the larger players looking to identify opportunities to build higher margin service capacity, fill in geographical or service capability gaps through international expansion and exiting non-core/low margin offerings.

Industry Associations

Deloitte is  is proud to be  BSA’s Associate Member.

We believe that our partnership with BSA sustainably benefits the industry as we continue to develop unique insights which Business Services companies look at to grow and compete.

Business Services Outlook 2015

Business Services Outlook 2015 examines current and anticipated trends likely to affect business services providers in 2015. Its aim is to inform strategic thinking in the sector and explain how the key issues for businesses will evolve over the next year.

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Using our deep sector expertise and understanding of the industry we help our clients to solve complex business problems and help answer their specific questions by creating bespoke solutions.”  

Jack Kelly, Partner, Facilities Management and Infrastructure Services Lead

Key Contacts

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly


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Byron Griffin


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Oliver Hemming


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