Life at Deloitte

Adam Renvoize

Consultant, Risk Advisory

In the summer of 2013, I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first class honours degree in History and Politics and, with this, came the knowledge that I would be starting work at Deloitte that September. Almost a year before, when I began my search for a graduate job, Deloitte had jumped out at me due to its excellent reputation as a graduate employer, and after a little more research into the career opportunities offered within the business, it proved an enticing prospect and its high standards for quality and professionalism matched my own career ambitions.

Now, after almost a year working for Deloitte, I look back with the knowledge that my decision and the reasons behind it were justified and that, ultimately, I made the right choice.

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

My day-to-day role within Risk Advisory offers a great range of work and different projects to get involved in. As a first year within the business, a great deal of development occurs conducting IT Audits, identifying risks and testing controls for clients to present an opinion on the integrity of the IT systems which financial data passes through. More recently, my work has taken a turn towards a more advisory role, working in project teams to tackle problems faced by our clients. Here the underlying focus remains with IT risk identification and control development but with the focus honed towards the client’s specific needs. Outside of the day-to-day work, Deloitte are also funding me to study towards an ACA professional qualification to become a chartered accountant.

What do you like most about the office and region that you work in?

Working in the London office present a vibrant and constantly changing working environment filled with opportunities to network both externally and internally within the firm. With London being Deloitte’s biggest office in the UK, there are always social events in the pipeline and the broad range of work opportunities available is a great benefit.

Why your industry?

As a first year in Risk Advisory, there is no requirement to align oneself to a specific industry. From a personal perspective, this has been a huge positive in joining my department since it has given me the opportunity to gain experience across a range of different industries which so far include Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consumer Business and Public Sector. This has given me the opportunity to gain a real breadth of experience and I have the option to specialise in an industry at a later date if one captures my interest above all others.

What is your top tip for working in your industry?

My best advice for new joiners is, if possible, try and expose yourself to a number of different industries. This provides the chance to really understand your own preferences and allows you to really make your own decisions about where you will take your career going forward, into an industry that truly matches your interests and ambitions.

What differentiates your industry from other industries?

My experience working across a number of different industries is that the focus of the work can shift. In the Financial Services industry, for example, given the significant level of regulatory pressures that are imposed on the industry, there is a significant focus towards compliance. Risk and control work is therefore crucial in achieving these objectives. My experience in the Telecommunication’s industry was that there is a significant focus on technological change and inevitably with change comes risk which requires identification and control.

Which personality traits or skills aid success in your industry?

Given the unique experience provided by Risk Advisory to work across a range of industries, part of what aids success is flexibility, and the ability to transfer skillsets between different industries. Key transferable skills I would highlight would be confidence, organisational and communication skills. Regardless of industry, there is a crucial balance between managing your own workload and aiding the team you are working with to reach your goals and targets within require deadlines.

What do you enjoy most about your industry?

The opportunity to move across industries has been a great positive of joining Risk Advisory. It allows for a great exposure to how the different industries operate and the working cultures that exist within each. As of yet, I am still seeking more experiences across the various industries before I commit myself to focusing towards one in particular. The fact I can do this is, for me personally, a great advantage to working in Risk Advisory.

Talk us through the most exciting project that you have worked on

My most exciting project to date is the work I have performed at a Global Financial Services Organisation, whereby I was part of a project team responsible for undertaking a specialist investigation into a variety of technology and process deficiencies. From this we developed processes and methodologies to tackle the issues identified, producing deliverables which would form part of these new processes to be integrated within the business.

What social, society and corporate responsibility activities have you been involved with at Deloitte?

Since joining Deloitte, I have come to realise there are numerous activities outside of the day-to-day work to get involved with. For instance, I am currently part of a small team running an internal online football competition which raises money for our department’s Charity partners. I have also been heavily involved in reorganising the graduate training program for our department to optimise the benefit received from it.

How has Deloitte played a role in your long term career goals?

Deloitte has provided me with the grounds upon which I have taken the first steps of my career. It is still at a very early stage but through my experiences over the past year, I have already developed significantly and begun to identify my ambitions within the firm over the coming years. Deloitte has provided me with the training and experience which allow me to develop my skills and knowledge towards my career ambitions and will continue to provide such opportunities going forward. It has allowed me to develop high professional standards for the quality of the work I produce and, through encouraging its staff to constantly seek personal development within the firm, is giving me the support I need going forward in my career.



What advice would you share to others considering a career in your industry?

For anyone considering a career within a top professional services firm such as Deloitte, the main advice I would offer is think carefully about what department you would be interested in joining. The range of services offered by Deloitte are broad, however the experience of working in each will provide individual’s with very different experiences and skillsets which will form the foundation of your future careers. From an Risk Advisory perspective, I have been able to work across a broad range of industries and have been able to take on a variety of different types of work within those industries. Atop this I have also been given the opportunity to attain an ACA qualification. Overall, this combination has made Risk Advisory a very appealing department for myself and my career ambitions, and it is these sort of considerations I would encourage others to take when thinking about where to go within Deloitte.

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