Life at Deloitte

Alex Cole

Economist, London

What do my team and I do?

It’s hard to remember what we did before Brexit - it’s been all encompassing. Broadly speaking our role is to research, inform and advise our people, our clients and the wider market on topical macroeconomic issues such as the Euro crisis or Brexit, for instance. This ranges from ad hoc requests by clients and colleagues to the compilation of our regular quarterly CFO Survey.

Where does my team fit?

We’ve recently been through a reorganisation and we now form part of the Corporate Affairs team within Clients & Industries. It’s a natural fit as we work closely with the PR and Communications teams.

How does my role make an impact that matters with Deloitte?

Our clients treat us as trusted advisors and any uncertainty in politics, industry or the financial markets creates demand for our work. The role we play in keeping our Partners and Practitioners better informed, keeping clients informed directly and getting our views heard in the wider market all helps to position Deloitte as leaders in our field.

My biggest accomplishment

In the recent year or two there has been a lot of negativity about robotics and how automation has taken jobs so our team decided to investigate. It started out as a bit of a personal labour-of-love for us but then took on a life of its own. I spent the best part of a week in a library looking at census records and gathering information on how the structure of the British economy has changed over the last 150 years in light of new technologies being introduced. The paper we produced was published as an original piece of research and has been really well received. It was the most read article in the Guardian for about a week and was short listed for the Society of Business Economists’ Rybczynski prize.

What I’m most proud of at Deloitte

I was invited to give a presentation about the economy to the Board of a Banking Client on their annual strategy away day. It was very rewarding seeing how the information I was sharing with them about things like GDP forecasts, inflation and interest rates impacted their thinking about the decisions they were making for their business for the coming twelve months.

My favourite part of the job

It’s the interaction I have with the clients. Everything in Economics can be very theoretical but when you sit and listen and discuss policies and issues with the clients, it really brings them to life.

Something more about me

I’ve been involved with a Deloitte initiative called Aspire which is a mentoring programme with schools. In fact I was at a school just this morning in Walthamstow where the children were asking me about Brexit and how I thought it would impact them and their families. Officially it’s for the benefit of the kids but it’s also probably one of the most rewarding parts of my job. Their enthusiasm rubs off on me.

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