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Analytics and Quantitative Modelling (AQM)

Student opportunities in Consulting

Our Analytics & Quantitative Modelling (AQM) practice is a highly skilled team of modellers, analytics experts and quantitative analysts. As a graduate in AQM, you can expect to join one of the following groups.


We are involved in a wide variety of assignments, ranging from working with financial to consumer businesses on the application of advanced analytics for improving marketing, underwriting, distribution, customer engagement, pricing etc. We also conceptualise and develop innovative advanced analytics products (such as telematics services) to take to the market. Our day-to-day work includes:

  • Advanced data analysis to generate insight and practical solutions
  • Applying statistical techniques and methods to data to build models
  • Working directly with clients and other parts of the firm
  • Conducting research in emerging areas of analytics to develop innovative products

Capital Markets Group (CMG)

The Capital Markets Group is specialised in the implementation of statistical and financial models for capital markets, comprising a team who are all either quantitative experts or technology professionals. We have over 15 years of experience developing Economic Scenario Generators. During that time we have built up excellent credentials, consistently meeting the diverse expectations of a large client group. We have used our knowledge to build and maintain our flagship software, XSG, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet all our clients’ needs. Examples of our experience include:

  • Valuation of options and guarantees embedded inside insurance contracts
  • Construction and monitoring of market risk hedging programmes
  • Calculation of insurer capital requirements, risk-adjusted profitability and diversification attributions
  • Parameterisation of stochastically generated risk and economic scenarios covering equity markets, interest rates, credit defaults and spreads, lapses, mortality rates, expenses etc.

Actuarial Modelling Centre (AMC)

The Deloitte Actuarial Modelling Centre (AMC) is our centre of excellence for actuarial modelling. The AMC formalises the Deloitte approach to actuarial modelling where we are recognised as a market leader. The AMC does not currently recruit graduates; however, you may have the opportunity to work with the AMC or move into this group further on in your career.

The AMC uses our standard management and project frameworks to deliver modelling engagements. Our expertise in this area is underpinned with our market leading approaches, frameworks, tools and training to support the delivery of actuarial modelling to our clients.

What does AMC do?

  • Resources to support modelling needs
  • Supporting all areas of development cycle e.g. analysis, design, build, testing and documentation
  • Outsourcing and offshore modelling services
  • Rationalising data, processes and models
  • Training
  • QA and peer review services
  • Implementing regulations
  • Advanced modelling techniques
  • Technology advisory and embedding services
  • Data management and processing services
  • Developing target operating models
  • Covering the full range of Life and GI modelling tools (incl. Prophet, Moses, ReMetrica, SAS)


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